Compatible with any kind of item

Scalable database solution

Realtime analytics dashboard

Online / offline solution

Recognition in less than 5 seconds

PixLytics solution


Create or upload your database

Upload all your products’ information in Pixlytics (one by one or via a script). Pixlytics can be hosted by your company


Embed Pixlytics solution

Include easily our image recognition solution into your website or mobile application


Enhance your customer experience

Promote your app or website and give to your customers an access to new services based on image recognition


Access to an analytics dashboard

Analyze your data thanks to our customized analytics dashboard and improve your services

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Wassa is a company specialized in the design of innovative digital solutions with great added value. Within its offices in Paris and Hong Kong, Wassa regroups all the creative, technical and functional required talents to elaborate your solutions.

Our Innovation Lab brings scientific expertise to design the most adapted solution to your needs and topics. We analyze images extracted from cameras (smartphone, webcam…) and collect information, data, to provide customized services.

We work with worldwide companies. Feel free to contact us!

Office Wassa Paris
Wassa | Paris
5 Rue de l'Église
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
(+33)1 83 64 44 70
Office Wassa Hong Kong
Wassa | Hong-Kong
21/F, On Hing Building
1 On Hing Terrace
(+852) 2294 7773